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Hibaa Hustle Eyelashes

Hibaa Hustle Eyelashes

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Hibaa Hustle Eyelashes

Introducing Hibaa Hustle Eyelashes, where beauty meets sustainability! We're proud to say that 75% of our lash collection is crafted from Bionic Yarn, a vegan and cruelty-free material derived from recycled plastic bottles. Here's how it works: discarded bottles from the streets and oceans are collected, melted down, and spun with natural fibers to create the lashes you love.

Discover our range, including Kids Lashes, Deluxe Lashes, and Supreme Lashes, all crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Explore our bundles like the Deluxe Bundle, Kids Bundle, and Supreme Bundle for ultimate lash options.

We don't stop at lashes; check out our vegan and cruelty-free favorites like Lash Adhesive, Loyal-Tea, Lash Growth Serum, and the handy Lash Applicator.

Join us in the journey towards sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about Hibaa Hustle Eyelashes and how you can be a part of this eco-friendly beauty revolution.

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